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Renewal of Vows

Wedding Photography

Couples renew their vows for many reasons:
They got legally married, but missed out on the first wedding. The reasons are many -limited time or money, elopement.Later, when circumstances have changed they may want to do something a bit more formal or celebratory, vow renewals are the way to go. The reaffirmation of vows ceremony can be big and extravagant as the couple want or can afford.
They had a grand wedding largely dictated by family, but wanted something intimate. Later, when things have settled down and time has passed they may want to do something intimate the way they envisioned. The renewal of vows ceremony can be intimate and private as the couple desire.
They have just gone through a rough spot in their relationship. Sometimes couples have such great differences that it seems as if a split is inevitable, yet they somehow pull through and work it all out. These times deserve celebrating, which is why many couples opt to renew their vows after a difficult period. These celebrations tend to be more intimate so as to allow the two of them to spend time together and regroup. However, when the rough spot was played out “in public” a larger event may be planned so as to also make the news of their success public.
They have hit a relationship milestone. Perhaps the birth of their first or last child or a fifth, tenth, twentieth, or even fiftieth anniversary. These big anniversaries are a natural time to celebrate their lasting love. Do it up the way you want! Invite everyone, have a blast, or put together everything that goes along with a wedding. Remember, have fun and say “I do” all over again!

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